A different way of providing you support

Business is personal.  You’re not just another number (or ticket number) to us. Business is about people first, then the technology that helps them. Your business is your baby and you need to protect it. You also need to have problems fixed quickly and to not keep having them come back again and again.

Every client is unique. While a lot of businesses use the same software and hardware, not all of them use them the same way. Your technology solutions will be custom tailored to how you like to do business.

Focusing on one task at a time. Your support requests will get the attention it deserves. You won’t ever have to work with an employee that is chatting with several different clients all at the same time. Focusing on one task at a time reduces mistakes and makes sure the task is complete.

Controlled growth. Limiting how many customers onboarded every month allow us to focus on your needs and to be able to completely understand how you are using your technology. By taking the time to fully document what you have and create processes and procedures that are unique to your business, you won’t have to keep reminding us to install a certain software on new computers or how new employees get setup. Your requirements will be fully documented and checklists created so these things don’t get missed.

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